It’s #NationalCatDay!

IMG_20141002_141237Best day ever!

I’m one of those people who love posting photos of my animals. Screw food, my meals aren’t pretty, but LOOK AT THESE CATS!

Uber has even come up with a great way to celebrate cats today!

Meet My Kitties

Boxcar Slim

10259018_10203723144338337_5092333607705438798_ocropBoxcar Slim was born in 2013 (2 years old).

This fantastic feline came to us in April 2014, when we adopted him from the Burlington Humane Society. He is ridiculously spunky and kind of a jerk. He likes to attack the other house cats… and the 100lb German Shepherd. He’s very chatty and likes to be carried. He yearns to be an “outside cat”.

Boxcar Slim also has his very own YouTube channel.

More Boxcar Slim:

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20150805_124236Kitten was born in 2005 (10 years old).

She is half Siamese, and while she should be noisy, she is strangely enough unable to meow. She growls a lot.

Kitten growling while eating:

More Kitten:

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Garage Cat

DSC_2547Garage Cat was born “Puss N’ Boots” in approximately 2004 (11 years old).

We adopted Garage Cat (aka GC) in August 2014 when the people we bought our house from gave us an ultimatum: keep the cat, or they’d be putting her down. C’mon!!!

Her name was immediately changed, because a) Puss N Boots is a terrible name, and b) she’s an “outdoor” cat who lives in the insulated garage year-round.
What makes GC particularly special is that she’s Polydactyl, meaning she has extra toes. To be specific, she has two extras on each front paw.

More GC:

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B0001067Phoebe was born in 1997 (18 years old).

She is the sweetest old girl, with a predilection for drinking water from the tap…incessantly. She has to be shaved occasionally now, as she’s too old too keep herself mat-free. Also, yes, she was named after the Friends character. At her ripe age, she now has eye problems (tended to with drops), and she’s completely deaf. She may also have some mild dementia (seriously).

More ‘Phoebes’.

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