Social Media -Themed Halloween Costumes

HappyHalloween2015It’s that time of year again!


The more socially-engaged of your co-workers are busy decorating work spaces for the company contest, while parading around in their carefully crafted costumes. You, meanwhile, sit proudly at your desk with a name tag that says “Jim” — hahahahaha! Your name is really Steve. You clever devil.

You’re undoubtedly saving your best costume for the weekend party, since Halloween finally falls on a Saturday night again…right? Okay, don’t worry Steve, there’s still time! You like Social Media, yes? Why not make a Social Media-themed costume?

Here are the best ideas we found.

Be your own Facebook / YouTube / Instagram / Pinterest / Google Maps. None of these costumes cost much, if any, money. Very DIY.

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Now if you really want to show off your own personality and flair, why not try one of these ideas, which were actually a concept fashion photography project by Viktorija Pashuta, called ‘What If Guys Were Social Networks‘.


Of the project, Viktorija says,

“With the age of social media and its influence on everyday life, we feel its direct presence and necessity to use these channels as the source of communication and sharing the content. While socializing with friends, relatives, and colleges online, the actual online platforms sort of became ‘alive’. And then I thought what would of happened if I tried to humanize well known social networks. The idea was not only to use the social media logos as a visual reference, but to transfer their qualities and usability functions into human character portrayed through fashion”. Even though they share very similar functions and features, each social network has its own character and style: Facebook depicted as casual, Twitter as classic, Pinterest as creative, LinkedIn as Business, Instagram as vintage, Flickr as artsy, Tumblr as hip and Google + as innovative.”

Here is each piece individually:

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Your other option is to take something trendy from social media. Whether it be good, like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

…or a popular meme:

…Or controversial, like Cecil the Lion:

Finally, if you want to show off the fact the you’re a ‘social butterfly’, you could always do this:

Or if you’re an adult, this:

Though I’ll ask you to please not do this…

Happy Halloween everyone!!!



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