Friday Fun! Funny Signs, Part 1

We’ve started a new #FridayFun series, entitled FUNNY SIGNS, and here you’ll find Part One.

Some of these are purposely funny, others…well, see for yourselves.


Starting with some classic TV signage…


Bob’s Burgers ‘Store Next Door’ signs from their intro:






Then there’s the intentionally funny signs in real life…


A punny take on the Trump campaign.



Landscaping puns.



Vancouver has a sense of humour.



Then there are those that should have had a proof or two…


I guess someone wants us to die.



At least they were trying to be helpful.



If ever something was deserving of a face palm meme.



These were plastered all over Vermont.
It’s certainly one way to make people want maple syrup… *cue Borat “NOT”*



Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!


Stay tuned for Part 2…


One thought on “Friday Fun! Funny Signs, Part 1

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